PhotoShoot Chronicles! @sumsumhope is pensively taping shoes before the client puts them on! #styling101
  • juneambrosePhotoShoot Chronicles! @sumsumhope is pensively taping shoes before the client puts them on! #styling101

  • journeysoul_Ok, why tape the bottom...
  • jens_lo@maxxisoul so the bottom don't get messed up. They have to return the shoes back to the brand.
  • aderomediaHi Summer! :-)
  • carlalizprAnd most expensive bottoms are leather, and they get fucked up
  • carlalizprAnd to all of you: every school term someobe gotta start talking shot. And now this is way too early. Sheeeesh.. every damn semester some bullshit. U probably don't even care about sumsum you just want June to answer back.
  • carlalizprSomeone, shit*
  • baddiebeystyle@carlalizpr I've noticed that too,. If they were fans, they would see Summer and Chance in their uniform. They just want a reply, damn trolls
  • etmafrancePeople no one was questioning her parenting. NYC schools went back this Wednesday. It's a fair question and it's not accusatory at all. Stop trying to pretend to be her defender just to get attention. #itsreallynotthatserious
  • colleenstylesBuy & Return it's the American way.
  • justustakesonHome schooled or not, the fact is her kids are with her and not stuck all day with a nanny! <3
  • akho27Private schools go back Monday!!
  • bzefinestLove it. Leave the ppl pickney.gosh. and to top it of she not working with a crap artist its Marsha .. Legend female role model. Look her up.
  • youloveb__Winter break is over
  • youloveb__@youlovemar thank you
  • youloveb__@victoriangoddess my child is in a PRIVATE CHARTER SCHOOL that went back to school Wednesday. I can ask whatever I like. If people don't like it, too bad. Freedom of speech honey 😜
  • youloveb__@red_soles_lover @snobeffect thank you since half the people commenting on here can't even write correct grammar. 😂😂😂 seems like some adults need to go back to school for English lessons. Talking Ebonics is really unattractive & makes you look uneducated.
  • victoriangoddess@brittanybbad I never said that you couldn't ask...I didn't even see your post! I was merely asking why was it important? Pertaining to people who were trying to make her out to be an unfit mother.
  • youloveb__@victoriangoddess thank you for the clarification.
  • kim_possible101Yes it is!! @colleenstyles lol!
  • ja9roukemaLol I love how Summer made that into a competition between us. Love her <3
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