Happy Birthday, Greg Cipes!
  • jdhancockHappy Birthday, Greg Cipes!

  • jdhancockGreg Cipes voiced Michaelangelo in the 2012 TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • jdhancock#toycrewbuddies
  • darrellmccThat rendition of the TMNT story is fantastic!
  • jdhancock@darrellmcc It features two of my favorite voice actors: Greg Cipes and Rob Paulsen.
  • darrellmccYeah, it was weird AND cool hearing Raphs voice coming from Don. He's so good at both.
  • thelostninjaturtle@darrellmcc I agree this new show is awesome & all the characters voices are really well done
  • darrellmcc@thelostninjaturtle Not counting the original comic, I think it's the best version so far. It's takes the best of everything that is TMNT. Kick-ass action and so damn funny!
  • timbeseenNice shot
  • thelostninjaturtle@darrellmcc it's hilarious I'm 23 & ill bust out laughing. I do like how they grab little pieces of everything & made it this unique spin off while still saying true to everything
  • darrellmcc23?.. You missed out on being able to appreciate TMNT during the height of it's popularity! :( Still... that just goes to show how powerful a property it is. Great stories live forever.
  • darrellmcc@thelostninjaturtle ^
  • thelostninjaturtle@darrellmcc oh but I've done my HW & I wish they made a movie as dark as the comics were
  • darrellmcc@thelostninjaturtle It sounds like you have definitely done your HW, I'm just sorry you couldn't experience it in the same way someone 10yrs older did. It's the same thing for me and Star Wars. I was too young to appreciate the experience until ROTJ. That still doesn't take anything away from how you feel about the work though.
  • jdhancock@timbeseen Thank you! ;-)
  • jdhancock@thelostninjaturtle I'm glad to see The Lost Ninja Turtle chiming in. Thank you. ;-)
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