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  • madsnblk@magalycaampos
  • madsnblk#BVBArmy
  • madsnblkI know honestly, if you dont like them, just leave and dont comment things. Thanks.
  • madsnblk@magalycaampos
  • tyler_blondieEven during my sceney weenie days I would have thought this band was terrible. What has happened to the music industry where these idiots can become big?
  • tralwan^ this
  • ourethosKill it with fire.
  • madison__aai just find it funny how ignorant people are and they hate BVB just because of how they look. tons of bands used to do that. listen to the lyrics and stop being judgmental.
  • zombiesashaGaaaaaaaaaaaaY
  • scottsurette@xoddysseyobnoxiousx actually I don't really care what other people think about bands I like, people are free to have their own music tastes, just as I'm free to think BVB is awful. don't know why you're so worked up about it lol
  • silentvoiceskill@scottsurette I don't mind that you don't like the band or the music, I don't either. It's the fact that you agreed with him, saying you wanted them to break up. That's what bothered me. Mainly because that band has saved thousands of lives (honestly I'm not sure how. I just don't listen to any of their songs to know what they say) and many would be devastated if they broke up. I don't like people wishing bad on bands. Sorry for flipping out, I just get pissed when people wish something that could effect multiple people.
  • pinestreetsfinest@xoddysseyobnoxiousx preach it!
  • silentvoiceskill@fluffmyb0ner haha cx
  • itakeradphotosMaybe your just upset you don't have a sweet "Outlaw" tat across your tummy. Lets see where this band is in 5 years.
  • dakota_davis@s0mewhere_in_neverland the lyrics suck too. He's a bad vocalist. The band goes for image more than music.
  • johnnyadrianGarbage and in five years they'll be inn the same place that even my most favorite band will be. get the fuck over it. #Crymeariver. #Shutthefuckupalready
  • madison__aa@dakota_davis im not saying that everyone has to like them that would be ridiculous. everyone is entitled to their own opinions i just don't think people should judge or bash any band or artist because whether you agree or not they could have really helped someone or mean a lot to them and its just immature if you ask me
  • brian_a_walshKeep on buzzin, you're makin me famous!! =]
  • elly.electraOmfg there's a argument? God damn I would like to go to a bvb picture on AP or Kerrang! Where there isn't a argument!! Anyways BVB is perfect glad their going to be on the new issue ^.^
  • bvbatman_I'm not a "scene" and I love this band. People need to stop giving "labels" and stop hating. Because this band has helped me through so much. Plus my uncle is 38 yrs old and he likes this bands as well as others. So it doesn't matter how old you are. You can always enjoy this band. I wish people would just stop hating because they think its "cool".....GET OVER IT.
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