Me and my best friend we haven't seen each other in a while @mondoguerra #projectrunway #rejects ! Us at 7-11 shopping
  • michaelcostelloMe and my best friend we haven't seen each other in a while @mondoguerra #projectrunway #rejects ! Us at 7-11 shopping

  • veggygalawwww i love u guys together! you really need your own show!!! soooooo cute xo
  • seecritMondo looks so emo
  • eyegolf💋 Mondo!
  • rahndaloussiaI love your gowns. You're amazing. I will own one one day. 💖☺💃
  • rubbz_jrbYou two rock!!! @mondoguerra @michaelcostello31 I ❤u guys!
  • hello__rosieMy project runway favourites !!
  • doreen577You both are working it!
  • jovan1283Mondo is my fav of all time them MC
  • calisweets0802Two of my faves!
  • elsa726I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
  • kaywyomingYou look like ur going to a hold-up!!! LOL
  • malpa98Lol
  • rocky_and_doreenWhere is your store is it here in Vegas
  • matildeefantinatoMONDO!!!
  • joey_daiseyzmiaHi Love your clothes Love the way you were on Project Runway Me and my sister watched you all the time Right off the bat a new your gypsy God bless you and Happy New Year
  • itsabbyofficialOmgg what can I say.. @michaelcostello31 @michaelcostello31 you're my idol!!!!!!!! I don't even know if you'll ever, ever get to see this.. But man... I just wanna say that you've always been my favorite contestant since day1 and i'd just watched the show only so I'd get to see you working your magic and rocking that runway with your stunningly gorgeous designs!! my little sister loves you're work as well and she dreams of being a fashion designer just like you. I knew you'd have a bright future in the fashion industry cuz it obviously shows! You're a very talented and kind person. And let's not even talk about your dresses.. I'm just a fan of yours (and I JUST LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEMI swear!!) It'd just be a dream come true if I ever get to wear one of them. keep up the good work and fill up the Hollywood world with your amazingly awesome designs!
  • _jenn_april_💜Both of u and ur designs!😍
  • indigolove13So handsome
  • a_ngo44@kbdaimp
  • steven_millersHi
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