New menu options... Camo in every color!
  • heynicenailsNew menu options... Camo in every color!

  • goooby_plsThese are awesome! I can't wait to do this design
  • gorjessnails😍😍😍😍
  • victoriac07I need camo on my nails ASAP because these are beautiful!
  • cathy_luvs_polishLovvvvvvvvve these!
  • laraedwardsThe matte one is sooo nice
  • chalkboardnailsBrilliant!
  • jazzgmdI love this
  • nailjerksI need these please!!!!
  • astrowifeyLoveeee. And how was I not following you guys sooner?!
  • astrowifeyI follow on Facebook and Twitter. Fail on my behalf!
  • nailjerksWhich matte top coate do u use? I use the one by Orly but die at give u that much of a matte effect
  • heynicenails@nailjerks just got butters matte topcoat and it's freaking amazing
  • nailjerksGetting it! Thanks @heynicenails 😘💋
  • goooby_pls@kayydeemonroe :) I wanted to do the traditional colors, but I was too lazy to mix colors to get brown shades lolol
  • kayydeemonroe@goooby_pls ah!! I see!! Do you layer in different colors each time? Or one color for each layer? I've seen both and don't know which is better... Yours are amazing!
  • goooby_pls@kayydeemonroe I used a light blue base and just made like three or four splotches of each color on top and made them fit together if that makes any sense at all. Then when I was finished I went back in with the light blue just in case I covered it too much with the other colors. Hope that helps a bit lol :p
  • kayydeemonroe@goooby_pls oh totally!!!! I will have to just give it a go! Thank you so much for the step by step! It seems easy but I really was just confused on how to do it! Thanks a million!!
  • goooby_pls@kayydeemonroe you're welcome, girlie!
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