More coffee table delights
  • hearthandmadeMore coffee table delights

  • msteriousOh I love those books, so pretty :)
  • lilcreature86♡♥♡♥··♥
  • akhollygolightlySo I have a HUGE favor to ask of you... Is there anyway you can pick me up a Frankie planner? I live in Alaska.. And I am having a problem with shipping.
  • hearthandmade@akhollywood hey, it says they're not in stock anymore. I'm in the uk and it came from Australia so if u got intouch I'm sure they'd send it cuz u are closer geographically x
  • akhollygolightlyaww man bummer!! NO MORE! :(
  • misssangela@akhollywood I'm in Melbourne, Australia. I'll check out the local mag shop and see if there is any around for you over the weekend.
  • akhollygolightly@misssangela aww well thank you! I have a potential on from eBay and its from someone in Australia... But I just found out that they won't ship to AK.. So if I win it... Haha it won't come here
  • happycampers1Would love one of those journals where did you buy it from?
  • hearthandmade@happycampers1 the Frankie one is from Santa via Australia and the other two books I bought on book depository
  • misssangela@akhollywood well if you win it you can ship it to me and I'll post to you, haven't found one yet but I'll keep you posted 😉
  • akhollygolightlyNo sadly I didn't win and it looks like the other one is on sale for $50 something... No thank you! @misssangela if you find one you'll be my hero. Haha good luck!
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