• andyolmyEssentials
  • ethanschul@tbtduluth These items would be ideal when driving all over the world in a school bus! It'd be great to hear 'School Bus Driver' in Lincoln on Wednesday. Perfect start to your tour right in the heart of America. My favorite song off of my favorite TBT album! #bourbontheatre #lincoln #nebraska #schoolbusdriver #songsfromaghosttown
  • thebarbpalmerI am reading that book out here in Truckee, California ;-)
  • clarabbmAgreed @ethanschul ! I miss hearing that song live! You guys should also consider playing it in Madison! :)
  • marisaschoen@tbtduluth please do a cover song of Neil young! Unknown legend
  • ethanschulHonestly @clarabbm , every song on that album is great. Songs From A Ghost Town portrays just about every emotion under the sun.
  • br.photoIs that any good? I was thinking about reading it.
  • sumcarI got my fella this book for Xmas. He thinks it's great! Enjoy the read
  • vwnomadSee ya wednesday. Thanks for coming to the bourbon. Great venue.
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