All my Husband wants to do is photograph his girls.- sdlr
  • shaynelamasAll my Husband wants to do is photograph his girls.- sdlr

  • michelejnsI think it is so cute that your husband loves to take pictures of his girls.
  • lya313U always look amazing!!! What is the brand jeans u wear rolled up???
  • stiletto_socialiteI think @shaynelamas is so fly! And your daughter is gorgeouss I think she looks like her dad!
  • tessajjlWhy do you look so annoyed all the time in your pictures? Try a smile sometimes, it won't kill you.
  • coliebrains@jux2pose805 haha tag allie
  • noahsmommie11your ugly as hell and same with yoru ugly fucking daughter press
  • noahsmommie11ur husband is a dead mane
  • fatimaisabelxo@marielegault You think bringing her down makes you feel good? Wow. You're really dumb. And calling her husband a "dead mane"? LMAO!! Fail.
  • noahsmommie11@fatimaisabelxo never said it would make me feel good it just the truth. . your a fail for even careing how i spell blahh
  • noahsmommie11@fatimaisabelxo I'm a very nice person, very sweet, caring, understanding, funny, and respectful, but once you piss me off I can be a total bitch and your worst nightmare !
  • kristdawn@marielegault Its you're not your.
  • noahsmommie11no its not dumb ass your and you're isn't the same thing omg ur stupid you're mean you are. u idiot and your means something different . wow look whos stupid now
  • mo_kaur7How can you people speak so badly on a photo with a child in it?? Geesh, have you no shame?
  • niko_ru@marielegault why are u so mad at them did u get posted on the DIRty
  • noahsmommie11yup @niko_ru i did and they ruin my fucking life
  • soluopossuor❤ your matching expressions!
  • pinup_princessa@marielegault she did not post you she had nothing to do with it so why are you so pathetic to comment on her picture of her and her child and talk crap obviously you were doing things to get put on #thedirty so its your fault and the person who wrote it all nik did was put it up he didn't ruin your life (I'm guessing it was already pretty ruined before judging on your lack of class) so quit being a hater and get a hobby instead of "threatening" children!!! Just some advice sugar
  • mo_kaur7@prinzzsailor it's pretty evident that your life was already ruined. Your profile picture clearly makes you a perfect candidate for the dirty. #havesomeclass and #coveryourbreasts
  • karlygia94@nikrichie
  • lwysocki108Pretty sure she is taking this picture of herself. Look at her right arm...
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