Sometimes I moonlight as a war photographer.
  • camp_pattonSometimes I moonlight as a war photographer.

  • stephaniepcourtOh dear.
  • lufliceshuh oh
  • masseyaInitiation? Badger showing interest is a plus? 😉
  • asmanyasgivenLaughing. Way too much, probably. This has happened in our home so many times.
  • gidgerunsHahaha. Ellee fights this same battle every day of her life. #medalofhonor
  • masseyaBasher.. **
  • mamabirdemmaWhen we brought our second child home, our 18 month old kept kissing him which made him scream bloody murder. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him until I looked at him in the light. She was biting his nose!
  • mccantsesofraleighI mean, in Bashee's defense it looks really warm and cozy in there
  • marjoriejonesphotographyHe got a hair cut! Wow, Theodore is so tiny. You forget how tiny they are.
  • rebecca_cookI need to call the producers of some show and elect you to be the next participants of a top-hit reality show!!!! I would tune in diligently every week! Every night for that matter!
  • mhebsIsnt the baby his new toy?
  • meghanm585@rebecca_cook totes agree. Seriously. 👍😃💁👶👏
  • hey_annbushI hope T survived. After all he is already bruised!
  • ashleighlancasterAll of a sudden he looks ENORMOUS!
  • mrsosu21Lol this theo is going to be a tough guy I can tell.
  • candacenjordanMy 2 y/o son gave his sister a welcome by chunking my phone and hitting her in the head :-/
  • leahsledgeI feel much less guilty now about this happening in our home.
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