How flipping amazing are windfarms!? (on the road from Syd back to Melb)
  • thedesignfilesHow flipping amazing are windfarms!? (on the road from Syd back to Melb)

  • thedesignfiles#nofilter
  • vanessa.muradianThey're absolutely mental! Was fascinated with them in some 'rural' parts of Sri Lanka earlier this year. Outta this world. Not so sure about how their neighbours feel!? 👀🆙
  • milkbreadeggshoneyI like them. They get a bad wrap for - not sure why.
  • smaggleLOVE windfarms.
  • nomadz6@posieshoots I love them too. They look like architectural pieces of art!
  • amyalishaPeople protest them constantly here in the UK. I think they are graceful and beautiful!
  • mama.moonpeachesThey are so amazing and interesting to look at! Anyone protesting them needs to check their head.
  • handeclosedI do the Hume multiple times a year. The wind farms (and surrounding landscape) are my favourite part!
  • mirandaskoczekLucy, what is WRONG with those people who oppose them?!? Argh! I bloody love them too @thedesignfiles X
  • lisamariecorsoThank god!!! This nerd is having total work withdrawals  
  • naturalhabitatinteriorsWill prob pass you going the other way... Safe journey .
  • thedesignfiles@lisamariecorso yesss me too! #workaholics
  • cat_finiI am with you ALL. I love them. Bit like War of the Worlds without the freaky factor.
  • anyresemblanceI did the Run With The Wind race last year at the wind farm near Tarago, even more stunning close up
  • goziandpopWe did the Syd to Melbourne road trip yesterday too. They look amazing up close.
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