Tea to keep warm. Then, a Saturday nap. Dream!
  • anna_winchellTea to keep warm. Then, a Saturday nap. Dream!

  • alexbyersaysWhere's that tea pot from???
  • anna_winchell@alexhubbardsays the brand is Bodum... I'll have to ask Zan where we got it from.
  • alexbyersaysI have a Bodum French press! They make the best stuff!
  • anna_winchell@alexhubbardsays yes! Super good quality. I love their hot/cold glasses, too.
  • crowndvicI thought mate teas had caffeine or other energizing components in them?
  • anna_winchell@crowndvic this tea did have caffeine, but I still took the most delicious 2 hour nap. Sometimes I don't think caffeine really effects me like it probably should.
  • crowndvicInteresting! I find that sometimes caffeine helps me focus. I might be a little ADD ;)
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