I need to bring him more often! #saturdayfun #shopping
  • tidymomI need to bring him more often! #saturdayfun #shopping

  • aksherryCute!!!
  • bridget350
  • andy_actuallyLol! The cashier is looking like "wth are these people doing!" 😄
  • bloombainbridgeThis is random. How often do you get your nails done Cheryl? They always look so good! 💕
  • iamtickledredAww <3
  • jeni4tx👫
  • tidymom@bloombainbridge about once a month - the secret is to get the permanent french acrylic - that way they always look good - they are not painted, so the only part that ever looks bad is the bed where you can see new nail growth and you have to look real close to see that ;) I LOVE the permanent french for that very reason! I've had it for years.
  • tidymomlol @mom_bot29 I know! lol so funny
  • mandyjune86Cute cute cute!
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