Making excuitive decisions
  • djkhaledMaking excuitive decisions

  • daddyjackson_28Lemme get a job Khalid! I'm loyal.
  • _kasinova_I went to the doctor today she recognised me and she said "you suffering from success". @therealdjkhaled please stop lying she did not say that, what she said was Khaled, you fat illiterate mother fucker, you are suffering from morbid obesity. The side effects of being morbidly obese is shortness of breath, large breasts, clogged arteries and you probably haven't been able to see your dick for the last 3-4 years. The doctor however, was confused as she said that your obesity disorder shouldn't result in you talking constant shit such as "we the best" "listen" "dee jay Khaled". She has sent samples of your lack of intelligence ie the fact you repeat yourself over and over and can't spell, for further testing. Now @therealdjkhaled I will admit that yes you are a very successful person but no doctor will diagnose you with that so once again you have embarrassed yourself. If you want to be around long enough to enjoy your success, try dieting and exercise.
  • landlordproductionsWow people going in what a shame !!
  • inmylane_bossHire Me I Make A GREAT ASSISTANT no kids ReadyTo Go Very Punctual @therealdjkhaled
  • willienue@_kasinova_ and with all that being said that nigga still suffering from success #rns
  • tgansta123Boss
  • jokermtzExecutive decision your fat ass is telling him to go to whataburger
  • dymonkushMafia style
  • jazdadlovescurveygirls@roshaan_westside thats funny I was about to maybe he was trying to say congregation but lol that will still make no sense on the side of a cake , so ionno man just dont know smh
  • raze_da_lordI 👀 it
  • artomatik@lavon_stampz lollll
  • santoz82This foo posting pics of him thinking. U need to think harder and learn how to spell. Dumb rich nigga
  • 999drake❤❤ @therealdjkhaled
  • _workharderthaniplay@misssandratsmith when you have a man in his 30's that cant spell executive,thats funny tho.
  • jmp28Learn how to spell @therealdjkhaled
  • skdotmackSmh
  • beetlezswagI know what you meant... Besides you can AFFORD to make small mistakes as such.. Lol.
  • bygolly_mshollieHe's always thinks he's such a beautiful man
  • murdahbabyLets talk
  • bullylifestyle💰💰💰
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