Answering some question from my fans
  • usainboltAnswering some question from my fans

  • sienascottYeh how are u so fast that's why YOUR THE BOLT
  • jordanjcastroI always watch Usain running before I have track and field or cross country! 
  • _clifarmstrong_Can I have your number so I can call you
  • phoeberandallxPhwaar me and my bestie are in love with you! ♡♥ xxxx
  • mrkashifYou are hench!!
  • _johnroseroI'm a 12 year old boy, I'm training for state finals in 2 years can you please give me some tips, I run the 100 meter race my personal best is 12 sec. Which is not as good as I'm trying to get, is there any tips you can give me so I can run better or any drills that can help me, please respond it will mean a lot to me if you do
  • _johnrosero@usainbolt
  • _bran_d0n_Your rap song is funny
  • precious_ambitionsAyyyy champion right there. Kill em man :)
  • adamtelferHey @usainbolt I am a 12 years old and a track and field runner and I want to be like you, I run 100 m and 200 m and I do 200 m in 29 seconds and 100 in 13 seconds can you give some tips on training and all that stuff, Your my hero Usain😄😄😄
  • adamtelferIt would mean the world to me if u respond @usainbolt
  • leeshyxoxoIt would be soo amazing if u replied u are the reason i keep on running @usainbolt
  • cris.tinafYou're my hero⭐You're Number☝& you're amazingg💫Fastest man in the world🏃🌍You're my inspiration✨
  • kianbeebyI'm a big fan it would mean the world for you to respond to me @usainbolt
  • life_goes_on_kayeThinking@usainbolt
  • adam111444In 9 and I run 100 m in 14.5 seconds
  • zach.durginYou should where a shirt that says "walk" "jog" run" then "bolt"
  • mrs_channerThat's a good idea @me_is_a_Swimmer
  • steef_wentelteefJou are a good sprinter
  • narabhakMuy veloz
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