Michal Neuvirth and Braden Holtby talking with goalie coach Dave Prior at today's #Caps practice.
  • capitalsMichal Neuvirth and Braden Holtby talking with goalie coach Dave Prior at today's #Caps practice.

  • konradpiotrGuys lets at least win one game!!!! Like wtf is going on?!?!?
  • benjones30Ok,Neuvirth is ok... If he was bad he wouldn't be in the pros. Holtby had a HUGE success in the play offs.... Both are equal may the best win the starting spot..................... Go holtby
  • ginocinello6Maybe they need a new goalie coach
  • griffinfosterEveryone's comments are so dumb haha... None of you know anything about hockey let alone the caps. Berry melrose praised neuvirth last night cus he played out of his mind in the 3rd. It's the offense we don't shoot the damn puck on the power play we don't get anybody to the net on the breaks we don't hit ever we are to soft and don't finish checks.. We made a big step forward defensively last night we just need to stop taking dumb penaltys and play fast physical hockey like we have in the past. No energy so far and that's what will win us the next game cus we have speed
  • filipsahlennyou're right @drewcrispell
  • tostface_grillah@griffinfoster this is one of the few comments I've seen about the caps this year that is actually constructive. It's refreshing from the whole holtby sux or neuvy sucks. It seems as though most people have no idea what's wrong with the caps this year besides a slim few.
  • nurderehc7@skylaa50 @griffinfoster thanks god! Good comments :)
  • tykaroway82The team just needs a coach no offence to Adam its just he isnt coach material maybe assistant coach but not head. What we need is Dale hunter back. And leave neuvy in net holtby isnt ready
  • griffinfoster@skylaa50 I feel you man Just had to speak my mind haha
  • ky_off77If we start 0-8 the caps need to make changes
  • jessicanicole4Braden Holtby <3
  • rcreamer44I love reading these comments because alot of you talk like you could fix the team. Shut up and let our hockey team work out their issues. Yea it sucks to watch but get over it. Its not the coach did you not watch our "star player" fall over the blue line. Its just sloppy play they will get it back.
  • art_litvak@griffinity8 caps didn't fire Hunter, he fired them. The caps have no organizational philosophy. The problem starts all the way at the top with Ted and dick. Crappy drafting and even crappier drafting. They need to blow it up, figure out what type of team they want to have and build down the middle first.
  • tykaroway82@art_litvak he stepped down and he wad
  • tykaroway82Was there best coach in a decade . They need a solid coach and someone go become a captain besides ovi
  • nurderehc7Neuvirth gonna start the game tonight at Verizon Center against the Sabres!
  • markbowlerWho the fuck is Dave Prior? What's he done? Bring back Kolzig as goalie coach!
  • kylee_hrafnsson💏<<neuvy and i lol's *i wish*
  • emilynicole25@deniseelizabeth28 look it's your other goalie man(:
  • bdubs622Holtby needs to pick it up😡
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