Hanging last night with @jaredallen69 and @larryfitzgerald aka @mrfitz11
  • dangerusswilsonHanging last night with @jaredallen69 and @larryfitzgerald aka @mrfitz11

  • phil_bentzYou played awesome, all the Hawks did! Go Hawks!
  • ryan_thiel_Nice game
  • lmaoooooooooooooo1Russell you are my idol. You are an amazing football player and I look up to you in every way. You've done amazing things throughout your career especially since you arrived at Wisconsin. I can't wait to watch you play football next year because of the amazing year you had this year. I would appreciate if you commented back or likes a few of my photos.
  • _t.fordy_Great game yesterday
  • tonipjoyAlso a great quarterback at NC State for 3 seasons. And Wolfpack baseball!
  • alexjmarks@ac1411
  • bgoat_15Russell you are the best Quarter back ever Seahawks are the best team in the nfl and you are awesome
  • _taytaylovesyou__You r the cutest guy on earth your the best quarter back and lynch is your buddy se u nexts season @dangerusswilson
  • keagankadeI know our receivers are dope ! But would love to see Larry fitz up here in the northwest !
  • bellmusickYour the MVP of the pro bowl Russ
  • easton_the_dream_guyRussell Wilson you out played me in the game and I was shocked marshawn lynch fumbled the ball . @dangerusswilson
  • kilisitinajeanFuck you
  • guy_neal3Beast
  • neal_paulHopefully u were discussing options for Seattle to pick lfitz up. U guys would rock it next year
  • mkelliott.24Yo I don't have much followers but I have had this Instagram for two days 50 something followers that's pretty good I probably have just as many friends as u now if u follow me ill get u a whole pack of people
  • orig.mani@dangerusswilson You are SO handsome. Do you have a younger cousin or brother who is b/w the ages of 18 & 21 who looks just like you? Lol.
  • jniebzWhy are you talkin to the enemies?
  • airbiggsFacebook.com/bringlarryfitzgeraldtoseattle
  • panthersfan12345Fitzlarled and Jared you break threw
  • therealnatureempress@1amusedmoose Russell and Larry XD
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