• snookiLOVE HIM❤

  • lovette66Look at those dimples to f_in cute
  • jaxkernOmg he has this onesie too. twinz!!
  • cruzagentracheladore
  • toxic_vibez@brazilbarcelona u have a dirty mind smh lol
  • hillarrry.cLove you snooks 💋
  • carefreebabe@brazilbarcelona you're an idiot you obviously don't know what a dildo looks like kid.
  • fw.stephhOk this too cute
  • n_alsanie@norah_ali سنوكي تقلد صورتك 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • sophjaegsOne day when your son is married and has kids he's going to look back and say "I had a great mother " which you are and your raising your kid perfectly! I hope you read this because its true and you should feel good about yourself! 👪
  • sophjaegs@snookinic @snookinic @snookinic ⬆the message above⬆
  • bellagennaceI love how since your famous and busy all the time some people don't have time for family but your always making time to be with your baby your an amazing mom I love u
  • trxo.__His hand so chubby its cute
  • ___staceyyyy___@sophia_jaeger Awwwwe Yhur sweet
  • sophjaegsThanks but its true... @sorrie_im_guilty
  • 3asheen@snookinic in one old episode u said giving birth is like there is a huge poop coming out of that really how it feels like? Cuz ive been married 3 years now and im just so afraid of getting pregnant cuz I cant imagine the pain that something is gonna come out of my vagina!! U made it sound so much easier though.. n I had to ask u this question :-(
  • badddbitxh_My nephew holds my finger like that
  • love_loyalty86@3asheen yes its true hurts like hell.
  • 3asheen@wdld_530 omg! Then if I decided to havr kids I better choose to have it cesarean!!
  • 3asheenHave*
  • dlaps1980Can't wait for that. I'm due in a few months with a little boy! 💙
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