Yep, it's still winter. (No, I'm not driving.)
  • thebrowneyedbakerYep, it's still winter. (No, I'm not driving.)

  • robynskiYikes! We don't have any snow. It's all melted but it's as freezing as your picture looks!
  • tamirenacookiesWow ❄⛄❄⛄
  • chickenfoot_susansobonwe woke up to our first true snow today too. be safe
  • roblong4yikes! Here on Canada's east coast we had a mild spell that melted a lot of our snow, but now it's bitterly cold :-(
  • erinfredeThat snow is supposed to be heading my way for this evening, but feel free to keep it as long as you want!! 😉❄
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