so annoyed.
  • imaginegnatsso annoyed.

  • imaginegnats@barij agreed!!
  • imaginegnats@barij on IG!
  • barijHmmmmm... I'm searching. Lol.
  • barijI guess I'm better off not knowing. My blood pressure will go up.
  • imaginegnats@barij true. I might have left you a clue somewhere in your pics though......
  • thatmoxiegirlReally? Really?
  • chickenfoot_susansobonwhat the heck?? so they have a problem with keeping small businesses going??? i work in a lqs and we appreciate the heck out of customers. grrrr
  • betteroffthreadUgh that's terrible.
  • iamkateyzPeople are dicks.
  • imaginegnats@betteroffthread unrelated! how did I not know about your link party until today? I need to get that button up and start linking :)
  • tensionissuesI found it, cause I'm snoopy. My lqs isn't open often, but I go there when I can. It's crappy of her to poop on someone's good idea.
  • imaginegnats@iamkateyz lol! myself included, of course.
  • betteroffthreadAww thanks! I just started it 3 weeks ago. Took over for another blogger.
  • imaginegnats@tensionissues :)
  • iamkateyzHaha me too!
  • nadinemgqI am a lqs owner and we love that our customers support local! Thanks to all of you who do! You make the world a better place! Mean people suck!
  • wanderingtWtf!
  • blueisbleuI saw that and was dismayed. I work at my LQS and I love our customers and they appreciate us. I watch my bosses worry over whether they can pay us, whether they can continue and it breaks my heart. I clock in late and clock out early just to help a little.
  • sarcasticquilterDon't know what happened but def. agree w/ your post!
  • caraquiltsI must have missed this, obviously I was a/am a supporter of the lqsday
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