Getting some shots up at The FedEx forum w/ @bogie10 and @quietstorm_32
  • dwill8Getting some shots up at The FedEx forum w/ @bogie10 and @quietstorm_32

  • liam_mcalaryLike your sneakers
  • 23.hari@seandaniel he trying his best so be quiet and u act like u could do better
  • benm144Get in the game we need you btw fell better
  • alexanderpotenzaRest up for the 2nd half of the season! Still best pg, ppl don't realize how banged up you are. I still believe, keep your head up @dwill8 show em how we hold it down in brooklyn
  • frankie_dejesusI wish I was a ball playa like u. I'm coming to see u on the 8th of march!!
  • joemontanaa@greeneggsandcam look i tries to get another one
  • joemontanaa@greeneggsancam
  • legendvry_camHahaha @joemontanaa He gon give you a saddle
  • joemontanaaLmaoo @greeneggsancam
  • iam_jtviiYo DWill I heard you came into training camp fat as hell and that's why you're still having ankle problems...because you're too heavy for your measly ankles. Is this truth?
  • nrv_fitYou where the best point in the league.. Ik u have the ability to get back on top... Hard work deron
  • itisfinished2297What you were? He still is!!!!!
  • smouham_.380Shut up deron is the Best. , I think @jpapers7 is fat!!! @dwill8 you rule
  • poundgame1Favorite point guard @dwill8
  • ericsa22great point guard'!@dwill8
  • im_real_ugly1Your my inspirement
  • seeya_1Can yu start playing like if yu was playing for jerry Sloan , I kno that he had ah system in #Utah n #pj is jus lettin y'all run! But Brooklyn is ah #Borough of #Respect for many years now! I'm From #BrownsVille n y'all losing i really don't take lightly! I use to ball myself n evry chance i got I left it all on da Floor, all I'm asking is if yu cud Do that Much for ah Truuuu Point Guard!!! Yu are still one of da Best Point Guards in my Eyes!!! We goin Meet Soon Eveybody call me " @AntGanGTrav #BrooklynBornNRaised @dwill8
  • cstylez_1Working
  • j.torres142#Thereturnofdwill @dwill8 coming uppp
  • dangaines88888888Hey deron, how's the offseason? The usual watching the playoffs from your leather couch with brook? Have u ever done anything worthy of noting in ur career besides being the most underachiever in the league year in and year out? I can't remember the last time u hit a big time shot besides maybe in 2k with someone clutch like pierce. Wait speaking of pierce, he was 100% right, ur a punk who thinks he's amazing and doesn't need to try but in reality ur just another underachieving bum that will never do anything good in their career. I hope u move on from brooklyn so we have a little cap room to get someone with heart. Ur good days are 8 years behind u and u still think u can just coast through the motions. My Frickin grandparents have more motivation buying me a gift for Christmas. Screw u ur a joke
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