Best job in the world.  #blessed #sharkfacegang
  • macklemoreBest job in the world. #blessed #sharkfacegang

  • kariomfgWish I could go to the Sasquatch festival.. Even though its worth every penny! My broke ass wont be there :( @macklemore
  • pringleswifiCome to miamiiiiiiiiii
  • periwinklestephI love you sooooo much 😭❤
  • bdroskoWhoop! Breck!! Best night and best concert I've EVER been to. Got a pic with ya;) Saw you two nights ago in vail, hope to see you again!!! :D
  • hannah_lnelsonOmg I was there and I went to your concert in Vail too
  • hirakandasamyBig fan!
  • laouveI'm a big fan !!!! #macklemore. I love you !! My idol
  • adamryann_Come on tour in England please, thanks:) @macklemore
  • whataburgaJust come and hang out with me in Texas for like a week.
  • maryj3n@macklemore you need to come to CA asap :(
  • khealzanganaYou are awsome
  • dilararencome to germany:D
  • mayajamisonCome to Dallas, Texas!! Please!!! My friends in I love your music so much!!! Hope you can make it down sometime soon!
  • arley_iscoolI wish I could see u in concert
  • jackmair_@macklemore hey Ben. I would just like to know if you plan on coming back to Australia. Last time you were here I wasn't of age to attend your concert which was terrible. Thank you!!!!
  • sharkface_photographyCome back to chitown!! We all miss u!!
  • grainnemaloneCan't wait until you come home to your Hometown Dublin,Ireland we love you loads and you have the most amazing fans here too! We're so.proud of you!!!<3
  • jacquelinebaxAhh i love u SOOO MUCH!! It would be the best thing in the world and mean soo much to me if u responded to this or something like that! I love ur music and everything some of ur songs r seriously hilarious i love them! Ur amazing and so talented!! Ik u probably wont say anything to me but its worth a try. Please respond!! @macklemore love:Jacqueline 💖💖
  • faith_carpenterAlaska, baby. WE'RE the ones who were blessed to have you❤️
  • e.mi.lyyyyi love you i would give anything to just sit down and have a conversation with you. But i cant and probably never will. Macklemore,please don't become like the other artists on the radio. Their not even artists their just famous but you are an artist you are intelligent and you saved me. I wish that i could tell you how much you mean to me. The heist,the vs redux,and some songs on the unplanned mixtape have the best messages.if you change i don't know what ill do. Once i get the chance im going to put signs all over side walks with quotes from your songs. You and Ryan lewis are a threat to the hip hop community because you guys aren't ignorant,you guys are aware of the horrible things our world is going through. Sfg for life
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