• wad1980Well If @NYJets No Longer Want @DarrelleRevis24 I Know One Team & Fan-base That Would Appreciate Him! @Patriots #Jets #Patriots #NFL #Football #Revis #RevisIsland #NY #NYC #NewYork #NewEngland

  • wad1980@tomm_rossi just having some fun!
  • sg_nflLol!
  • raulsdeforce@wad1980 Revis has integrity, unlike ur pats, jus having fun..
  • steviedramaOh man
  • victoriaemelineOh dear
  • slickboobieThis is sickening to look @ never happen
  • n0samplesPatriot fans are idiots. If the Jets don't sign him its because he wants $13 mil/yr plus. Pats can't afford that and wouldn't be a trade candidate FOH
  • wad1980@therealsupply Patriot fans are idiots? How about the Jets? You have to get rid of your best player (@darrellerevis24) because of your inept management. Good luck with that.
  • wad1980@therealsupply Asomugha and Revis aren't in the same class.
  • n0samplesAso made $15 mil a year. That's what Revis is aiming for. Question is, if your patriots had him and couldn't franchise him would you want them to explore his trade value before negotiations?
  • wad1980@therealsupply the Patriots wouldn't it let it get to that. Mr. T was trying to win in a short window and he signed guys to terrible contracts. Why extend Sanchez last year? There was no need for it. You have to take care of your star players. @darrellerevis24 is a once a generation player. Your coach gushed on and on about him. So now you have to pay him or lose him. Revis would be the final piece to the Patriots SB puzzle.
  • n0samplesYou didn't answer the question. If the pats drafted him and he held out twice until he got his current contract and now has one more year with dreams of making $15 mil-ish in 2014, would you like the Pats to explore a trade before negotiations or do you want to give a blank check?
  • wad1980@therealsupply I did answer it. The Patriots wouldn't have allowed that to happen.
  • n0samplesLmao. Revis has an uncle who held out an ENTIRE season in the NFL due to a contract dispute. That uncle is an advisor. It's who he is. He would do it anywhere and the pats are no exception.
  • jakeboganStay a jet revis!
  • jakebogan@wad1980, does revis use that account still? And does he let anyone follow him?
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