Dinner at @shimmybeach with @martynrooney and @taradosborne.. Where @daytonagroup and Mark!? ;)
  • oscarpistoriusDinner at @shimmybeach with @martynrooney and @taradosborne.. Where @daytonagroup and Mark!? ;)

  • kristina.berggren82Looking nice! :-)
  • brazilianbruna
  • flippingforchristAwesome man so beautiful my man @oscarpistorius
  • gregory.bostonMurderer
  • viewsfromthenixFuck off @gregory_boston
  • gregory.boston@_nikig for speaking the truth? Fuck you & this scum bag.
  • gregory.boston@_nikig oh...I suppose the story looks better now. She's hiding behind a door when he shot her. You twat
  • gregory.bostonHey @_nikig what you have to say now? Dumb ass
  • kimbot82@gregory_boston

    i really think if you hate him that much you should leave all of his network profiles....but no, you are a sad fuck who hides behind a computer screen...you should watch your mouth and hope and pray that nothing ever happens to you. too many judgemental people on here not knowing the full story!!!
  • gregory.boston@kimbot82 I don't hang out with any psycho South African paraplegics. I should be good in this case. Thanks for the concern however. Now politely fuck off like the last girl.
  • kimbot82i personally think you are an angry sad pathetic person @gregory_boston who needs to get a grip....sad little man hiding himself behind a computer, thinking he's big and clever for telling a woman to fuck off.....wow....maybe you should take your own advise and FUCK OFF....pathetic excuse of a human being.... i won't be replying again,, not because i am upset by you and not brave enough to stand up to loosers like you...but because i have a thing called a life....asshole!!
  • gregory.boston@kimbot82 okay see ya, I'm on a phone by the way.
  • gregory.boston@kimbot82 remember earlier when you tried to make a point? That was funny.
  • gregory.boston@_nikig not your mate
  • kimbot82@gregory_boston looks to me like you are the usual typical arrogant yank....always thinking your opinions are right....or that people should even give a shit.
    guess what....your country aint that great.....how many shootings and murders have their been due to guns In america????
    stop judging people you low life scum bag.
    learn the truth before you judge you complete disrespectful piece of shit
  • gregory.boston@joeyp1986 okay genius. Clearly you know your stuff. So I suppose than that you have considered the degrees of murder surely? Fact is. He killed her, murdered her. Are you trying to say he didn't pull trigger? Fact is...this gimp is going away for a long time.
  • leamadrid1Nicely said @joeyp1986
  • claudiyauk@joeyp1986 @kimbot82 ladies I salute you👏, well said.
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