• scottip#tbt haha @chelbell33 and I at my first PGA back In the day lol Thanks for the picture Chelsea!!

  • cjwade33Oh MY GOSSHHHH!!!!! I'm gonna kill you. Lol
  • cjwade33Annnndd oh my gosh again. I still can't believe you put this up. 🙈Lol how did we even "date" back then? Xoxo "Che' Proffitt" lol 👊👧
  • lularoejessicalongHahaha @chelbell33 @scottip I can't stop laughing I have so many funny pics like this its not even funny.. I'm going to definitely have mom mail me all my boxes of picture and start tagging you guys.. Haha thanks for such a great laugh!
  • scottipHahaha yes! And yup #firstgirlfriend Che proffitt I'm so glad u found this lol I've been saving it for today lol
  • dime9dOhhhhhhh my god. Fucking Scott Proffitt right there. Omg holy shit
  • cjwade33Haha oh my gosh @jessicaleighh9 I'm gonna die if embarrassment. #uglyduckling lol
  • cjwade33I don't think I realized I was your first girlfriend Scott... Wow #yayme #scottie2hottie
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