I can't compete with this! @savannahrb #murdergame #saycheese
  • kingjamesI can't compete with this! @savannahrb #murdergame #saycheese

  • jl031795Love u both
  • bryneen29The cutest pair I''ve seen yet.
  • pjdfall2014Lol
  • alphadjoThis is a real woman , she start dating him from high school when she didn't reliase one day this man will be the king off basketball . That's the type girl every man wish to have
  • fiji_35Y u take us down you Quir @kingjames
  • mailynismynameSuper like u...a.so nice hear from u idol...i've been praying ol ur game
  • jevon_thomas👍👍👍
  • king_j23__I'm huge a fan.. Beyond huge. Extraordinary. You always have been an amazing inspiration for me honestly. I look at the Jordan's & Kobes & KD's & Stuff. But there's one of LeBron. You're beyond my idol, & I know you're probably not going to see this, which sucks , but you've made want to play basketball at a very young age. Ever since I knew there was a "LeBron James" & looked at your game, you've inspired me huge , being a kid from nothing period. I really appreciate the type of person you are & continue to strive for greatness . You're a living legend. Accomplishing things that haven't been .. It's Phenomenal. I wish I could get a followback , but yeah lol.. I also get called Baby LeBron because of my hairline lol. But I hope to reach Greatness like you at one point of time. Have a great night LBJ..- Morris Davis
  • edward875I have that shirt @kingjames
  • eis_014👌👌
  • charellthomas#Beautiful
  • landyn._I got the same shirt @kingjames
  • datboiltrain#WATCHTHETAPE
  • blondedyferdinand@lordblessy
  • jmila_dgElla c jalto del.glamour de aki , por aki ay k estar on point everyday yankakali guayy @_villvir
  • viteljuice@imjanabless te lo toy diciendo
  • __.aliciaaaaaa@kingjames I hope you dont think your better than @kobebryant . Just saying. But you are better than stephan curry . Man I hate him .
  • real_haydenwitt@priyapatel_xx
  • ilay.barashאחיקר
  • rafael_ump4She looks really good here
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