Managed to grow it out for a year, but I missed my short hair too much!
  • brookletManaged to grow it out for a year, but I missed my short hair too much!

  • joeybmI win
  • chelsea.tuttleI've been growing mine for a year now on a bet. It's absolutely killing me.
  • brooklet@joeybm You do win.
  • brooklet@chelsearoberson I went through various stages of hating it and finally gave up. Relief!
  • chelsea.tuttle@brooklet I've called four times to make appts to cut mine, but my lady was always booked so I've managed to escape the temptation. The bet was that I couldn't grow it long enough to be able to donate it. I've got a long way to go.
  • brooklet@chelsearoberson That bet deserves a giant reward!
  • chelsea.tuttle@brooklet Free month of rent! But then it also requires me to stay in the same place long enough to be able to get it. Everything about this bet goes against my natural instincts.
  • joeybm@chelsearoberson @brooklet me and Don vowed be to cut our hair till the other does. We're both almost to mountain man stage hahaha.
  • chelsea.tuttle@joeybm That explains a lot, haha.
  • joeybm@chelsearoberson someone asked if me and Don where friends when he was came to visit. It made my day hahaha.
  • bdlightedYou are so stinkin cute. Love the cut.
  • magcolbeadleI love it!!!!! @brooklet
  • brooklet@bdlighted Thanks! I keep thinking about getting a cut like yours, but I'm not brave enough yet!
  • brooklet@magcolbeadle Thanks, Maggie! We've missed you!
  • luxe_aeternaDid you just get it cut today?? I didn't realize that - Again, I love it! Funny that we both did something drastic to our hair this week!
  • bdlightedUgh you could 100% pull off a fun short hair cut. You have the face for it.
  • brooklet@luxe_aeterna Haha, yes! Impulsive decision. I meant to keep growing it out, but I changed my mind Monday.
  • brooklet@bdlighted It looks amazing on you!
  • luxe_aeterna@brooklet and I meant to never dye my hair but also changed my mind Monday ;)
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