In the car on my way to radio to premiere #BOOMerang
  • nicolescherzyIn the car on my way to radio to premiere #BOOMerang

  • samoelofficialYou are beautiful lady .Special for you my song :Samoel feat David - Моя леди on With love from Russia @thenicolescherzinger
  • kamell0😍
  • sodabeh_khazaeiwow
  • zu.faHot lady :)
  • yluicyНиколь, прекрасна!!
  • rohesmDu ligner på hu uten brillene @kanikarimi ❤😂
  • kanikarimi@rohgerd hahahahahahahahaha omg neeeeiiii I WISH hhahahha, men takk uansett! Du er nydelig <3
  • hally.sdb@ndawrson Mais cest toi NEph loool !!!!
  • alexandra_cavallo@hally_s j aurai aimer ! Mon exemple j essaie de copier j avoue
  • hally.sdb@ndawrson Ya de gds airs de ressemblance en tt cas 😉
  • alexandra_cavallo@hally_s ah ben c est super gentille 💋💋💋💋💋 !
  • hally.sdbEt c vrai surtt 😘 @ndawrson
  • helinsindi@hisarsindi 😱
  • daniele.cotugnoBeautiful
  • nonalianabeauty
  • katrinka_uhkovaСупер супер!Самая красивая!!!!!
  • jacob.hereadsYo twin @stephaniewitha_ph
  • stephaniewitha_phElla es preciosa! @jrive91
  • nic_scherzy❤ You are such a wonderful human being and a big inspiration and I want to be just like you when I grow up. I will love you forever no matter what you do because you are my idol , roll model and person that I look up the most. I LOVE YOU NIC ❤ 💟💞💗💝💜💓💚💝💗💜💖💓💋💙👄😘😙😗😍 💓💚💜💛❤💚💙💟💞💗💝💘💘

    On 26th of January is my birthday and I wanted to ask you if you can comment or just like one of my pictures (I have one your picture on my profile - azra_veledar or my other profile - nic_scherzy ) or send me a message. That would be a dream come true because you are my idol and I love you so much. I would like to meet you but I know that is impossible 😢 so I would be very thankful if you can just send me an answer to mine message. (P.s. sorry for my bad english) @nicolescherzy
  • ubolwan_siritron_69I prefer your black hair babe💞😍😘💐💐💐💐
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