• djmisterceeTO ALL THE MEDIA!!!!! STOP SWEATING BEY!!!! THAT IS ALL!!!!!

  • henny_beeeyou are not suppose to sing in freezing cold temperatures. That's how you mess up your throat!!! Stop thinking people are Trynna get over. She is protecting her money maker!
  • kennydarkShe rules and that's it!!!!!
  • kennydarkWait???? She lip sinked?? O o!! Missed it! That's not cool
  • hzlhoneyKelly Clarkson did it live, the chickens choir and the brooklyn tabernacle choir did it live, the President of the United States spoke live, the poet was live, the band wanted to play live. Soooo why shouldn't she? That's all I'm saying
  • bernadelking1977Can I get a S/O for my princess ASHLEY BERNADEL she's 4 today......???????
  • maggiep79Play bey for them
  • hzlhoneyKelly Clarkson was live, the Childrens choir live, the Brooklyn tabernacle choir live, the poet live, the band wanted perform live (btw she took that opportunity away from them) and the President of the United States spoke live why she can't sing in the cold?
  • nel_rebelaireBig deal she lip sang, she's still the greatest.
  • razahworld#exactlyyy
  • djrodnyc#word man
  • hzlhoneyAbsolutely that's the main reason she was outted @babyblue1974 . Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Smh
  • realspliffyStop fuckin hatin👿
  • yaszyjazzThis was once in a lifetime situation ..its the second inauguration for the first african American president. She was chosen for her singing talent not acting talent. And like others mentioned it wasn't only her performance she was sharing the stage. Its understandable if its cold amd it can affect her performance but it was more about representing unity amd support rather than a divas ego about sounding a little out of tune.
  • yaszyjazzOhhh wait isnt she suppose to perform for the super bowl? Isnt it going to be cold? What now?
  • joanng123Actually @lookgoodfeelgood_2013 he's mixed race.... half white .... Which means hes our 1st BIRACIAL president thank you... get ur facts str8 b4 making urself look like a fool & she should have sang for real instead of being taped for the inauguration.... U would think its more important for her to do so for this event than the Super Bowl ... But we shall see... I think she is great anyway .... Just sayin
  • joanng123& I agree @babyblue1974
  • joanng123And maybe they should pay more respect to the people fighting for this country rather than a rapper & r&b singer... They should of had more us troops & their families there
  • mrvegasnycWORD!!!!!!! Find some real news
  • gingerfootRight.idgaf.pointless to post.#oxymoron
  • bet_888_826They are all Hatters looking for anything to bring her down STOP!!
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