The #Caps are back on the ice at KCI as they begin to prepare for Thursday's game against Montreal.
  • capitalsThe #Caps are back on the ice at KCI as they begin to prepare for Thursday's game against Montreal.

  • blacksabotageMan last night was not good...except for Hendricks. He was great...come on guys WAKE UP
  • slivinski_71@tfleck11 lol go jump off a bridge dude
  • incmpletebeagle hustled, hendricks tried to change momentum--ovi where ya at?! c'mon boys! PP/PK needs work!
  • jtstreat3Trade green for pk suban. Poti for markov
  • mitchellwaldronThe team needs to figure it out and get their heads outta their asses. There was NO energy in that game. Holtby was fine, the D were decent, but the centremen could NOT win a draw. Backstrom was horrible. If Ovechkin is going to score the same amount of goals he did years ago, Backstrom needs to distribute him the puck like he used to. Oates needs to figure out what line combinations work/don't work, and figure it out fast.
  • supercronkWas at the game last night, pathetic performance.
  • refinbootsWe're only 2 games in with a new system. Give it a rest.
  • kkherringJust need Brooksie back that's all.
  • whoeversheisI believe in you guys. Go Caps!
  • dmaskell21@refinboots you seem like the only intelligent person here, its only two games, we have a new head coach, new system, new players, we will get the flow going, you all must have faith in the caps not get angry after two games, how long have you been watching hockey people??
  • croppz@dmaskell21 exactly. Only thing that bugs me is 10 goals in 2 games. Holtby is better than that and the D needs to start helping him out. They cant put all the pressure on him like they did in the playoffs
  • beachbumz12My baby Brooks is back!!! Win or lose CAPS fan for life. Lets go boys!!!!
  • russell_reyasWe'll see great improvement in the coming games. Just need better chemistry throughout.
  • rcreamer44I didn't realize there were so many coaches on the caps. #youjustgottaletemwork
  • venessa20@rcreams99 HAhaha yup. They'll be fine ppl. Stop getting so worked up after two games. New coach, new system. They will improve over time. In the last few years or so they've been in a tug of war with Gabby pushing them this way then Hunter pulling them that way and now they have to redo relearn and retry other shit that Oates wants them to do. I'm just happy hockey's back.
  • slivinski_71@tfleck11 alot of good teams are 2-0 it's called shaking off the rust you dumbfuck
  • nat3dawg_@tfleck11 hey shut up the caps don't suck they are improving every game . So wat they lost the first two its a NEW coach a New system. Here you try doing something you are so used and then gets changed AFTER a lockout
  • slivinski_71@tfleck11 alright fat ass haha go run or something instead of talking shit on Instagram.
  • charlie_fk@tfleck11 ur a dumb ass its a new system u have to get used to it! Especialy after the lockout where nobody is used to each other! Fat ass
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