4 weeks in FL I timed it perfect. Last day of riding in FL for awhile and the pracky hacky is timed out on its last day
  • crtwotwo4 weeks in FL I timed it perfect. Last day of riding in FL for awhile and the pracky hacky is timed out on its last day

  • crtwotwoY'all are funny!! I ride 3 sometimes 4 times a week on a 47 second SX track. @blinkztwenty7 I'd love to see you ride 20min around my SX track
  • cjksingerHaha @crtwotwo I don't think people realize how much time and effort it takes to make it to where you are at!! #dedication#hardwork
  • iharmoGood Luck for A1 Reedy, we'll all be cheering for TwoTwo from Australia... Go Get Em...
  • chief_broskiFunny that he is the one posting time pics from motos and y'all are on your asses by your comp or on your iPhone talkin shit. Y'all just mad cause he is better than y'all will ever be.
  • dana.d.dayWhy do people have to hate? If you don't like him fine, although leave your stupid comments off of his picture. #lovetwotwo #hatersgonnahate #goreedy
  • mattlee629Great job cant believe a motor can withstand u that long good luck and b safe
  • isaiahlee337Don't listen to those people I am 9 years old I ride every day to try to be like u. U r my hero do good this year reed
  • chrisbowles189@crtwotwo I can do 80 hours easy before a rebuild. Rev limiter riding mostly too. And I know I can go well over 20 min on your track. Let me come down and show you.
  • ride114You should probably learn how to shift then or take your bike out of neutral
  • s.h.a.n.e.a.b.s#ial337 best comment ever keep up the work mate and one day you'll be as good if not better.
  • thejdm11@aaronb220 race bikes are shaken to the Bare Frames after the races. The use the the motor and frame 3 races. Motors are ether rebuilt between motos/main event in sx or races it self depending on If there is heat or mud. Practice bikes are 50hours ish
  • thejdm11They*
  • thejdm11That's not a @crtwotwo level team. I'm talking munn ktm. There is no way for me or u to get to really know the system of chads team.
  • thejdm11@aaronb220
  • kroniktacoI your legit
  • hoare54@C_bowles2 shift her into 2nd bro! You'll be off the limiter in no time and it won't take you 80 hrs to do a lap
  • jaredkeller96@crtwotwo I had 180 hours on my 150r and only had the valves inspected once. No rebuilds and I was smoking kids with mod bikes
  • jmorrisson194Thats my race number #194 @crtwotwo
  • bpaszt_I usually get 20 hours out of my top end with full cv4 build 60 from a bottom
  • cooperjenkins_@jaredkeller96 do u no how to reset it so it doesn't keep say change oil Change air filter wen I already have
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