let the weekend begin...
  • kaskadelet the weekend begin...

  • ondrayeahLucky!!
  • __yayasilvatechno? hahaha.
  • adamctravisInit techno what's he on about
  • joevilaireCome to Spain pleaseee!!! @kaskade
  • robxrodKASKADE has never been techno it's always been house from the deep side to the tech side and all the way up to the progressive side just saying @briellejoy
  • briellejoyThanks @robxrod !
  • robxrodNo problem @briellejoy here to spread the love and knowledge !! See u NYE @kaskade
  • djginaturner@kaskade have a great weekend!
  • rawbeeeen@kaskade the day I leave, you fly in. Womp womp
  • katgarza33When will you be I'm Texas?
  • mjpastorQuiero estar ahí 😭😭😭
  • playinn_skillzz@kaskade I just got here to the city of Vegas an didn't know u were gonna here till I tried getting tickets online but said there no longer available ..... if there's any way you can get me in that would be so amazing I'm really big fan of your work!!!
  • jenjay1012Welcome to Miami 🌴 I ❤u
  • that_nigga_cheeseCant wait to see the show tomorrow! !!!!!
  • missanna0143I would literally die to see you nye ❤
  • milaadssDude Ryan I fucking love you. Come to the bay
  • lovahlove@kaskade So hopefully Lindsay, Ted and I get to see you on Monday night!! I would love absolutely NOTHING more than to meet you in person and tell you how inspirational you are :) By the way, I'm Lindsay's sister..she and I were at your show at LiV together last year when we met Ted!! NYE will be so perfect and complete if we get to talk in person! Love you man :) see you soon!!!
  • meechellyI'll be in vegas tomorrow. Catch me dancing outside hq cause I can't go in.
  • daniellejulafPorqueporqueporqueee
  • shishixoxoo@kaskade I think its time for u to comeback to chicago
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