The softcover of TOUGH SHIT is coming out! Just got a few copies. Now trying to eat one.
  • thatkevinsmithThe softcover of TOUGH SHIT is coming out! Just got a few copies. Now trying to eat one.

  • yeg.gillian@chrisschieman are you following him??
  • team_itchyCan't wait to get my signed copy!
  • dirtycues#toughshit. Love this book!!!
  • jesusdoesthedishesI NEED to read that now!
  • baby_antI like that your not wearing that jersey
  • joe_kerr421Just bought this, great read sir.
  • redbarnlambsWarlocks making a showing on uk tv buddy
  • wiikalaMy boyfriend @sir_mitchalot just bought that yesterday! I can't wait to read it when he's done. We're huge fans of yours! :)
  • dommyriddle@thatkevinsmith Just listened to the audible copy. Fan-fuckin-tasic and put some pep in my step to get out of a creative depression. Just enough wisdom, sentiment and cum. Even Hemmingway would have enjoyed it...maybe
  • dommyriddle@thatkevinsmith if you ever see this thankyou for this book...
  • le_triple_xMy friend had this book, I skimmed over a few chapters, SHIT IS FUCKIN HILARIOUS! You are fuckin awesome & I want a copy for myself so I can read it all :D
  • ismaelfishermanHaha this book is awesome I ordered another copy signed by him from his comic store and his comic book The Widening Gyre with original Walt Flannagan art work ! And signed by Kevin smith plus his movie clerks 2 also signed plus Zac and Miri make a porno obviously signed by him it was over a 125 $ purchase but worth it !
  • tyneswedishOmg I would love a signed copy
  • daniel.nino.14Hey life is tough s**t
  • byleninahow was the taste?)
  • domenicashCase-se comigo numa noite de luar.
  • dead187I'm getting that book man @thatkevinsmith
  • tortuga_tomahawkLoved that book!!!
  • david_j_ryan@thatkevinsmith this book put me in film school, should have just read between the lines and put my dreams on a credit card #fuck it though very inspirational with alot of cock and balls
  • david_j_ryan@thatkevinsmith .....graduated by the way ....hook a Jersey boy up with a job on your next set. I will PA the shit outta the flick.
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