Noooooooooo Turtle-Neck  Phase.
  • mikeposnerNoooooooooo Turtle-Neck Phase.

  • mrhrehorakAnd the hook you do on "dirty finger nails" is just amazing plus some dope verses from our man Pat Piff!! Im just curious where he is..
  • mrhrehorakPat Piff also had a really good verse on smoke and drive but neither you or @bigseangood put it on your mix tapes ..
  • mrhrehorakYou two are still my favorite people in the game right now but seriously guys... WHERE IS PAT PIFF
  • mrhrehorakPat Piff that guy who was hungry as a hippie?
  • mrhrehorakAlso Mr Posner, I am determined, and I know you had to read some of these like really what kind of weirdo comments 10+ times on a pic that's 2 weeks old... So please save me some time and just let me knooooow where the hell is Pat Piff
  • mrhrehorakI have to make this comment so the "10+" statement stands true... Soooo uhhhh Pat Piff?
  • joy_rd_bullyThis the posner I remember.. Berkshire days
  • valeriagilr<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  • mrhrehorakHey buddy, you finally answered my question with your song today. Sorry to hear it was such a sad story with pat piff but man you did it for him in the A Team. You're a great guy and my day has been made. Enjoy your success but keep staying in touch with your roots like you're doing.
  • jaebmeeI like this one more
  • adelapistinWhere did you go to school? For some reason, I think you were in my 3rd or 4th grade class.
  • loopie_locado u have a Aunt that teaches in Bridgeport lol she said ur her nephew??
  • rock_kohbaSuper Jew lol
  • pinkpearlmint😂😂😂😂ctfu yesss
  • _jess_dubs_Why do you point at all of your pictures lol
  • bpaquette07How cute!!
  • mmebizzlegood eyebrowns
  • cassiemckennaa@camdol is your biggest fan please notice her
  • shawnasparbyBrows on Fleek
  • amanda.beattyi think your hot in this pic
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