Whelp, cleaned the office as much as I could to delay working!
  • feliciadayWhelp, cleaned the office as much as I could to delay working!

  • t0kageThat's a cute little set up. I notice the zombie cookie jar too!
  • smithstringsThose chairs are sweet!
  • wrk_coffee_aloha_rwndthose are some special Eames chairs, right!?
  • shanenickersonI love your office.
  • thefatherphilMurder chairs and ironing board table...and nerdness to boot. You are cool Love. When will you be mass marketing clones of yourself? Inquiring Lonely musicians want to know :)
  • richieleosSome interesting chairs, make them yourself? Or was it a mistake that just turned out cool?
  • sarasama1Cheeky gnomes on the table. Get back in the garden!
  • zarnagI want your office! Come and decorate my house for me!
  • kittyka0sBest office ever
  • helloimrobinbMy heart weeps for those eames chairs.
  • avferreiraLove the office. You might want to clean the Klingon and Andorian blood off those chairs, though, before starfleet security comes around. :)
  • melodyadrina@avferreira Hahahaha, nice!! That was hilarious. XD
  • psalm127_3Love it!
  • raphaelhiqueNice Nice Nice
  • royaljellyvikingwolfAnd she never invited Dexter over for dinner again.
  • gennadacThose chairs are so cool!
  • galitballiLooks great and very pretty
  • artwasabiHow can I save this to Pinterest so i remember to get chairs and DIY that?! So rad.
  • snickerdoodle58I second that those chairs are nifty
  • mcholicoGreat design
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