Chicago Skyline. Photo taken with frozen gonads.
  • jason_mrazChicago Skyline. Photo taken with frozen gonads.

  • kt_chiuThe times you take the aircraft so regularly is like going to your own kitchen. Hope the way to your kitchen wont be too tiring. Keep warm& have a good time.
  • jessica_michelle87I am walking down the isle to 'I won't give up' this May. Truly an inspiration <3
  • jessica_michelle87@jason_mraz
  • alyssacanelaI live in chi town
  • singa77You took the photo with your nads.... one more thing to be impressed by I guess. .. lol
  • weakduck24Awesome!😘😜😚
  • hula_girl19Ur always welcome at our home in Chi-town if you'd like to warm up your soul...warm soup on the stove 💚
  • supahsamI ❤Chicago
  • ainabbyHope u r fine mr mraz.
  • kdharris6Ahhhh! Yes- that explains the slightly off, tilt to the right.. ..sort off like inner ear/equilibrium.. ..Properly functioning gonads are necessary for balance and a perfect cityscape shot... True story
  • sutgee2chicago!!!@_@
  • tess.beaupreHome sweet home
  • nnathasyaCool
  • itsgabbypThe caption 😂😂😂
  • fr_mypoint_oview;-D frozen gonads hahaha good safekeeping for a fresh posterity ;D
  • birdkerGreatest city and skyline in the world ❤💛💙💜💚
  • debora_ellenCool pic
  • lookman87@rustam_fetkullov a chto ti tam delaesh?
  • rustam2273@lookman87 да просто по делам
  • luhluhzinhsFantástico ..
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