Christmas morning! I'm lookin rough! Haha! Sleepy!!!!!
  • saraevansmusicChristmas morning! I'm lookin rough! Haha! Sleepy!!!!!

  • blueprintbulliesStill looking great
  • npg1989Makes me happy when u post pics when u have no make up. Shows everyone how human u r n not just a famous celeb? Know what i mean? :)
  • snowbunny77You are naturally beautiful
  • my_lea0306<3
  • michellemaleyYour daughters look so much alike!! They look a lot like u ☺
  • stacishires@saraevansmusic rough?? wheeeelp, if that's your definition of 'rough' then I just don't even know anymore.
  • angela_langeYou are beautiful!
  • sjoh16Rough? Try seeing me in the morning... 😳
  • sarahbrumaginNo you don't
  • gabyouhavebeenhackedYou Inspire me I now every word to half of your songs your voice is perfect with out one soec of editing! You should come to lethbridge or Calgary some time!
  • carlzincharge❤Wow! You are so beautiful, no makeup! What a gorgeous Mommy! You have fans here in Nebraska! We love ya!
  • teresa_wilsonYou amazin Sara!!
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