Rickis new skateboard just like the one from Elf
  • emilygmaynardRickis new skateboard just like the one from Elf

  • monicabondWhere from
  • jillbuttaThat's adorable!!! @emilygmaynard
  • pspenceeeI'm reading a magazine and they said that Emily took Jef back. Do you think that's true?
  • rebekah__jayne@bigmacattack11 Seriously, what has @emilygmaynard done to affect your life personally? They are reality TV stars. It's Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! I hope he is in your heart! Emily, LOVE the board! Hope Ricki enjoys it!
  • peg_leg83Cute idea!
  • paytonswanson714@bigmacattack11 how dare you!!!!! Emily is a wonderful person inside and out. She volunteers for charity, wth do you do? I'm sorry if you're jealous that you'll never get a woman as wonderful or as inspirational as her, but watch what you say! I will defend her always and will not stand idly by while you try to slander her good name. You are a sad pathetic human being and should be ashamed! Love you @emilygmaynard
  • kristinammackI love Rickis new board, custom designed for her, how thoughtful. Merry Christmas Friend.
  • kristen511The beauty is u can now delete comments. Let em rip!
  • rebekah__jayne@bigmacattack11 Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄
  • lovelaughlive01x@bigmacattack11 Mate, at-least Emily has gotten somewhere in life and proved that she is strong, kind-hearted, intelligent and absolutely beautiful. Things don't always go to plan and just because she's been on The Bachelor/Bahelorette, does not classify her as a 'slut'. In-fact she is anything but! Honestly your comment was uncalled for and simply rude-she's someone's MUM not a 'slut'. @emilygmaynard you're the cutest mum ever- the skateboard is such a sweet present Hun! Merry Christmas x
  • lifebylivvy@kristen511 agreed!!
  • ukwildcatmomLove the skateboard! Ricki will have a lot of fun with it. My son, who is 21, got a Razor scooter. He had one when he was younger & never rode it, so we sold it. Now he decides that he wanted another one. Go figure!! :) I hope that you & Ricki had a wonderful day.
  • amyearentsonWhat a fun Christmas present. I hope she loves it :) Merry Christmas
  • jodiefallonSweet gift !
  • maverfaiCool!
  • loren_millerYgyosnsm
  • abbeyoliveSo cool
  • mabuhay32Wonder if she received it from Santa @jefholm :)
  • mo_noltGo Ricki Go! @motleymama
  • amossharpYou need to get her a Sissel skateboard!!! Check out our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/sisselskateboards
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