Merry Christmas to me and @mckellhen
  • familytechMerry Christmas to me and @mckellhen

  • timwerleWas it all you had hoped for?
  • ksugarandspiceJelly, I couldn't slip away
  • familytech@timwerle it was AMAZING!
  • mckellhenIt was so good!!
  • briawnahIt's been less than 24 hrs. Since I've seen it and I'm ready to go back for more!
  • familytechI know @briawnah did you see Amazon has the soundtrack download for $5 today?
  • briawnah@tech4moms I'm not sure I'll buy the soundtrack. I have the original London cast and the 25th anniversary cast. I feel like these actors deserves to been seen while singing, simply because their vocal performances weren't out of this world. They deserve the whole experience. I think I'd rather still listen to the original.
  • familytechThat makes a whole lot of sense @briawnah and I totally agree, its not quite the same without the visuals, and I do own about 3 other versions of the Broadway soundtrack. LOL. On that note, I'm ready to watch it again too.... Waiting for this one on bluray is going to be torture
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