Merry Christmas from Vail πŸŽ„
  • kylerichards18Merry Christmas from Vail πŸŽ„

  • adolvice@soshea2
  • lissa077Over done lips n plumped up cheeks !! Foreheads filled with Botox !! These two woman are a illusion and don't even really look like this !! It's sad that they don't feel secure enough in their own skin to age gracefully like their two men are. Wtf's wrong with us ??!!!! smh
  • jjessiealexisTaylor needs to stop with that Botox lol
  • suttree23@oscarsworld_ no one cares, not even the plastic surgeon fucking up that soulless vapid excuse of a human.
  • caraeskawhh taylor looks so healthy and beautiful!
  • linneawjosefinEuuw Taylor :o
  • rosayaitesUumm, thats Taylors face. She can do as she please.. Those that are talking shit about it, when ur face and other things start to change with age, u just might want to tune it up too ,oh, or maybe ur ass dont have the $$ to do so.. #FuckersAlwayzGotAProb
  • iheart_erica201I love you Kyle!! Your the best!!πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
  • beatricejetYou girls look beautiful xo
  • realityrichardTAYLOR and her very large mouth. You can ski off of it.
  • shawnekelWow. People are mean on here!! No need to be vile and rude. Play nice!!
  • tresselzmomWhy be so mean??? Get a life!
  • amusylI live in beaver creek! Lets party :) @kylerichards18
  • jj_wall@andrewtaflan @mikeynortsss I can't.
  • ipeqozt@kylerichards18 love vail it's such a Christmas wonderland!!! Best place to be on Christmas!!
  • justmefornow__Your living in the shadow of your niece Paris
  • ash_pash1You and Taylor look great!!
  • luceradYou're spending christmas with Loony lips the home wrecker..... Classy!
  • jamie_ibarbeautyboutiqueI know you've probably been asked this way too many times but I absolutely LOVE the taupe eye color you wear on the show!! Is it a combination of products? I would love to know what you use for that look! Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)
  • drope2711Haowwwww i love botox girl
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