Merry Christmas everybody
  • mingeyMerry Christmas everybody

  • xellehermesToo precious!
  • alixwalker@jenko6107 your favs insta
  • vbkarLove you two!! @mingey and finn!!
  • chow_timeomg best pic eva!!!!
  • makeupbysarahbrady💜💜💜
  • 8distark8Preciosa !!!:)
  • eyany_👸🐶
  • sarah_byt😍
  • skunkkieİ am watching "les misirables" right now, very nice, very cute and lovely.. Bravo.. You are good at musicals
  • jasminthomas_I absolutely love this picture!!
  • varenishekКайф
  • maaik_hAmanda and Finn are the best 👍❤️
  • katieakakikiYour gorgeous pup looks just like my Wilbur! I miss my Wilbur sooo much! It's not easy when you have to say goodbye
  • maaaarrakkkkSweeet
  • tuelpchenspezialCute *-*
  • x.nmlUr never never never gonna read this but you are the best actress EVER and FORVER I 💝💝
  • jani_grHey Amanda, you are the besteht people i know. I love the movies with you and hope that you see how much i love you. I'm a girl from germany and verry verry bad in english. But I want you say that I love you so much. The best movie i've saw was mamma mia 😊. I love this movie so much. At wednesday i go to the musical I'm so happy. I'm so sorry if you doesn't understand anything but all I want say you: You'r the best.
  • pat_paschal@bpaschal @caro_paschal
  • jin_o126you too amanda 😙
  • becks_2271I love her 😍 does she not kind of look like Hilary Duff here? @jessiieee_g
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