Last one. Next year I'm asking Santa for a kite.
  • fatmumslimLast one. Next year I'm asking Santa for a kite.

  • summmertimeheatherlove love love!!!! So jealous of your sunshine!
  • anightowlblogMerry Christmas Chantelle!!
  • anidledadMerry Christmas. Pissing rain here today but we've always got two kites in the boot of the car. Never pass up a windy day.
  • mandy_blHot in nz too... All good tho... Got a beer in my hand
  • staceyjade92My little brother and sister got a kite this year! It's even getting windy now too :)
  • fatmumslim@anidledad merry Christmas. I heard it was raining there. It was perfect here.
  • fatmumslim@anightowlblog merry Xmas lovely x
  • malyeahbabygardnerWe got one this year from my sister and the kids love it. Great present
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