Shit is crazy. I'm telling you. Everyone was on the floor. People got shot. WTF.
  • aubreyodayShit is crazy. I'm telling you. Everyone was on the floor. People got shot. WTF.

  • medicstefanoNot Seattle.
  • mr_tonybrowningAt least you're okay ;)
  • marimathewsBell square!
  • paizha_neversonWow!
  • ericagrothouse@missambyp absolutely! Some people are just so simple and ignorant and it's a shame! Also some people speak out of their asses. @erikthared_ isn't very worldly apparently! His problem, not ours.
  • lord_divaIm glad your ok boo 😘
  • emypMunchbar of all places when your in Seattle 👎
  • michaelbeardenWTF?????
  • jenniferlynnrealy@candieland1 that's a very racist comment
  • k_smoove10Run!
  • chetay01Omg
  • mrosales7True that's cuz they dnt discipline their kids. But it's not just white ppl it's society there aren't stay at home moms no family values no morals no discipline. mass media has ruined society. There's no respect and no guidance these days.
  • sileyrimonsonKPD haha
  • ericmclarke@jonesec19 @missambyp you want "Gun-related death rates in the United States are eight times higher than they are in countries that are economically and politically similar to it, however most countries similar to the United States have a securer social network. Higher gun-related death rates can be found in developing countries"
  • killerbeautiSo sad one person is dead.
  • missambyp@candieland1 I agree with you... Blacks Hispanics they face consequences doesn't make the crime any better but still, whites pull the oh I'm mentally ill my third person shot up that movie theater ... Well then your third person needs to be penalized !
  • missambyp@candieland1 I am a white American Italian ... And I still absolutely agree 150%
  • trailermarie@aubreyoday what r you doin in Seattle? #munchbar
  • alex_a88I just saw that you were there. Im glad your ok. Thats crazy!
  • missemmahannahWhy are people acting like this is normal for Seattle?!? And even more BELLEVUE. This is NOT normal. A year ago I was celebrating my 21 at munch bar ): so sad to see it go.
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