My mom insisted on capturing the moment 👽 #ponybathtime
  • smutcherellaMy mom insisted on capturing the moment 👽 #ponybathtime

  • nevilleloveI love your mom.
  • shadowcast3rYou're silly. 
  • smutcherella@nevillelove She was as excited as I was lol when are we hanging out? I am free tomorrow afternoon probably and then the 26th is my last day here D;
  • nevillelove@smutcherella ahhhh YOU'RE ONLY HERE UNTIL THE 26th??? Okay I think I'm working tomorrow but I don't know the time. I will text you as soon as I know. I know that tomorrow night I am going to my uncles. So maybe early afternoon I can see you! If not what time are you leaving on the 26th?
  • smutcherellaI leave the 27th in the morning! I might be hanging out with some other people the 26th but I can make it work!
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