In the trenches
  • buffalobillsIn the trenches

  • _batman_20Just go ahead and lose so we can get a decent draft pick and get a better QB
  • sarahdwarren10Lets go
  • elevenhundredclothingcoTheres talent all over the draft...but we need Te'o..dudes a vocal leader and turn over machine...and most importantly a winner!! Exactly what our soft defense needs...he wont be there past #5 overall...#SuckForTeo @desmond_windu
  • hendricklamarr@kjdraper11 what would Jesus do?
  • kyleantkneejoneswhy would u want them to lose? first off you guys aren't real bills fans. I never once wanted them to lose, second by the time we get our draft pick the qb will be gone taken by kc. you guys are not real bills fans so get off there page. GO BILLS!!!! get the W
  • desmond_t_@c2ny I agree, I just don't like the idea of purposely losing for a draft pick. I never did.
  • elevenhundredclothingco@jkyle9 @desmond_windu trust me...i will be right with you guys rooting for them today...but i wont mind a loss...not a true Bills fan??? Havent missed a game since birth...believe it or not
  • buffalo716Im a real bills fan trust me but i want them to get blown out these last two game just so chan, fitz and any other cancer to the team gets canned...
  • kyleantkneejoneseither way fitz is gone they will give gailey one more chance. he's at blame but at the same time he's not. not his fault he had NO QB he's working with what he has. I'm not sticking up for chan but in reality look at his Qb not much he can do
  • bergner05I love the bills but damn we suck
  • buffaloheatherAugh I hope they get rid of chan and fitz .... This is awful!!!!
  • worm59Chan either needs to go or get us a better off cord.. Cuz this offense is so so so freaking predictable it's ridiculous!!! I mean draw draw draw then counter draw then screen then sack sack sack!!! Come on man!!! Through the ball over 15 yards, that's why the fins are dropping then d lineman back cuz they know we ain't throwing the ball deep.. That's some ole madden defensive plays!!!!
  • desmond_t_@c2ny I see what you're saying. As Bills fans, we can agree to disagree lol.
  • mikeym34Lose = fitz and chan going and better draft pick
  • 61yanks@c2ny "haven't missed a game since birth". Not hard when you look like you're twelve years old. Now hurry up and make sure you have your letter to Santa all set, tomorrow night is the big night!! (Okay to lose -smh)
  • elevenhundredclothingco@61yanks instagram tough guy over here...looks like todays loss really hit u will thank me when we get Te'o in April...merry christmas bud!
  • dantheman11901Chan needs to go
  • morgan_max_2_19_13Best game I ever went to
  • morgan_max_2_19_13Go Bills!
  • jackson_moss_13Let chan go he sucks
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