• greg.gerlaThere are no mochas in Narnia.
  • obscuralucida@leggomygreggo only Turkish Delight. Which is just like a mocha, but hot.
  • lindsaykataiWhen I worked as a barista, it once took me 10 minutes to convince a woman there is no such thing as a "mocha cappuccino latte."
  • luckyshirt@lindsaykatai OH MY GOD THAT'S WHERE THIS WENT. She ended up chasing the fabled mocha latte. She wanted a mocha with no whipped cream. I was a barista for Starbucks for two years, and this lady eclipsed every customer I've ever met anywhere.
  • lindsaykataiI said again and again that a mocha is just a latte with chocolate and that a cappuccino has an entirely separate milk to foam ratio, but SOME PEOPLE, MAN.
  • luckyshirt@lindsaykatai Oh my god I didn't even see the cappuccino part. She was trying to break the universe.
  • pattermoonHAHHA OH MY. oh my.
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