• badgalriri#dopedealershit

  • jennifer508All of youse haters need to stfu!!! Mind your buisness keep it moving there both beautiful women
  • seansayDope mouth
  • princess_diana_fans😍😍😍 marliyn
  • carlinx13@badgalriri fucking yeahhh✌✌✌
  • worldgoingbyMarilyn didn't do drugs and she never slept around with married men thanks very much. This myth that she was some easy woman is stupid. Buy Donald Spoto's book.
  • _santiago17Rihanna you're a disgusting person...I used*to e
  • _santiago17I used* to like you @badgalriri
  • _santiago17I used* to like you @badgalriri
  • mbrasielloBeta model!
  • mailebrooke_I <333 Marilyn
  • franmaureiraa#Monroe <3
  • _skylarcx@morgiesweetheart
  • tippie.nielsenI love marliyn monroe love her my mom love her so mutch
  • beyondbeauty09Rihanna if I ever reach yu I just wanted yu to know yu & monroe have help me get threw a lot & I feel like I relate to monroe...basically from reading about her & Especially her book fragments...and firebomb Is still my number one song...but I just want to let yu know I've been working since 15 which I'm 23 now & gave up my apt so I moved to Dallas with my daddy ...I guess he trying to help me out and I really do Appreciate it but he wants me to go to college & I feel like college just isn't for me it's crazy because I always had a dream of being a model but I really have nobody to lead me in the direction ...I just want to be happy with my life & do something i love...take care of my family in port arthur texas(the trill) my LiL bro most of all .......I'm just asking for Guidance ...I can't believe I'm writing yu this i know yu may never get this but it's worth a try & i can't wait until your concert in Dallas in nov.! God bless yu..#1fan @badgalriri
  • ellbromleyMaraylin too dope
  • rihannaxpicsLove you boo
  • sharon6578😍😍😭😭
  • kingjesusmuhammadIf I become prezzy u wanna be my Marylyn or the First Lady... If u still not taken.
  • istanforririI love u so much @badgalriri
  • badgalriri.xfentyI love you 💖 i live for you ⚓️
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