Thanks Hilton Milwaukee City. Center.
  • jimgaffiganThanks Hilton Milwaukee City. Center.

  • jace_bondDid they have hot pockets along with the amazingness that they have you?
  • sweno427Hey Jim we have you staying at the Hilton Milwaukee city center.... Ahh I hate that place... They will have cake waiting for you in your room... Well I guess I should go say hi...
  • ahoyitsbrendonThe 1st grader responsible for that icing calligraphy has more than likely been fired by now.
  • lindsay_n_rogersLooks like cinco de mayo threw up on that cake. Sure that isn't the az park n swap??
  • charlierhawkThey put some effort in to that design…
  • samneylanrealtore@realjimgaffigan Welcome Gaffigan... what?
  • love.lauren6Looks like the "Saved By The Bell" intro
  • bongoponyLooks like Mayan graphics. Bet there is a lot of "Mayan-themed" items available
  • reinadrop"Oh what is this, cake? I've never heard of cake before..."
  • cin_drellaMmmmmm, cake!!!
  • annwhitephotoYUM
  • kydcowboyWhere's the one for the rest of the family?
  • piratedukeI can imagine how much food you are gifted. Scheeeew!
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