View of 1% pool at 1% flat.
  • parisdView of 1% pool at 1% flat.

  • norton_timJesus what
  • lefa_snCourts and I are going to love that when we come stay. You do realise you'll have to leave for the duration, right?
  • parisdHmm. I am not sure that I'll be leaving.
  • aahmusingAs an ex-Canberran this is making my day. Infinity pool into Burley Griffin.
  • sazzajayPretty amazeballs YEAH I SAID IT.
  • jameshutsonYeah infiniBurleyGriffin does not compute
  • scottludlamwhat, really?
  • jovianshadowI think I know where that is! I can moon you as I paddle by! : D
  • parisd@scottludlam Yes indeed. Our new digs m8
  • lefa_snYeah, you'll be leaving. Maybe in a body bag, but you'll be leaving.
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