From Courtland, with flowers and belly rings becuz I ran out <3
  • j_evans1219From Courtland, with flowers and belly rings becuz I ran out <3

  • healthyherbalifestyle_12@berly_xxo lmfao so true!!!
  • lisacostabiWell if any of you former addicts realize the drugs are wearing away at her bone structure.... And btw that's some fake ass. Cubic zirconia necklace
  • michaelaceleste14Are you talking about her collar bones? @vaginalflapss
  • lisacostabi@michaelaforever14 her cheek and chin area
  • amariemapesU ran out of belly rings? What'd they Disintegrate in ur belly
  • jessasgNo freaking way.!!! I have the same one, my my husband got me for Christmas while I was still pregnant.!!!! .!!!!!!! @j_evans8209
  • __naitsirhc@j_evans8209 - congrats !
  • emilycadenaJenelle is this from vintage vogue? @josaye
  • clambert_xoYour pupils are so small. Don't post pics of yourself if you don't want people to know your on drugs because trust me, it's obvious.
  • clambert_xo@ballerinamariah wow you really don't know anything. She does NOT have custody of her son, her mom stated 2 weeks ago that she is scared for jenelles life because she's on herion, she married another drug addict after knowing him for not long, ohh and has her own place because MTV pays her. I am a recovering addict i know the lies and the bullshit. So get your facts straight. Google her it's not that complicated.
  • keepingupwithki@cllambert14 small pupils doesn't mean shes on drugs. If you look at other pictures, she has small pupils. As well do I! Look at this picture, does she look anything like she's on heroin? No she doesnt. Get off her instagram if you have something negative to say. Continue on with your own life, dont be concerned with someone's life who is completely irrelevant to your own.
  • clambert_xo@kiiianaaa haha obviously your the one who concerned
  • lovelee_28@cllambert14 exactly, at least there are some people smart enough to know that when someones eyes look that glassy and their pupils are that small it is ABSOLUTELY bc they are on opiates, your pupils don't look like that otherwise. It just amazes me that with all the proof out there, videos, statements, blogs, confessions even that this girl is on door, people still want to defend her. Amazing. Why would people stick up for a junkie who puts herself before her son. I felt bad she had a problem, I can't continue to feel bad when she does nothing to fix the problem. IM on your side girl! Fuck these morons. They know nothing
  • lovelee_28Dope, not door!
  • clambert_xo@lovelee_27 amen! Yeah this pis was weeks ago, but look at the pic she just posted with her dog, you can see her left eye, glassy and tiny tiny pupils. I am an addict, I know the lies and the bs, and most importantly what it looks like. I've been clean for 8 months, I also know what that looks like. And she is still using.
  • die4jesusU ppl r hateful I DON'T do drugs (been clean 2.5yrs) & just b/c someone's eyes r like that doesn't mean they're intoxicated lol my eyes look like that when I leave church from the joy of The Lord yo for real though they do look like that a lot when I'm n the presence of The Lord :-) God is good!
  • lizseptor_xx18I have the same.necklacee :) @j_evans8209
  • mommyjewels@thatbxtch_isfearless18 @jessa_stovall where is the necklace from?? Thanx.
  • kylahschumacher@j_evans8209 I have that same necklace! (:
  • mommyjewels@kylahschumacher where is the necklace from?
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