LOVE my old bath tub people back in the day they knew what they where doing!! #oldsoul
  • catelynnmtvLOVE my old bath tub people back in the day they knew what they where doing!! #oldsoul

  • kimcosper77@kimberlydelcid why dont you go puke up your food like all you bulimic birches do and get a life!!
  • tklingaman15Looks delightful! I am gonna take my bath as soon as kids bedtime hits!!!
  • itsmejessiemarieI personally think catelynn is one of the prettier girls on teen mom. She is an amazing person and that counts for more then what people see on the outside. She is comfortable in her own skin, and tyler loves her for exactly who she is. That's all that matters!
  • thebonniemessBabe, you are gorg!!
  • bmw_113@catelynnmtv sooo jealous! Wish my daughter would leave me alone in the bath haha
  • lizzy_mohr_U were my fav. On the show :) .
  • noahsmummy2011wow so judgmental Kimberley.. Your really showing you immaturity. When you grow up you will realise how awful your comments were. God help you if you ever gain weight how will you cope! It's disgusting you can say these things. Catelynn there is nothing wrong with you! In fact you are an amazing person with true courage and what you did was a selfless act. I doubt many others could do. X
  • amber_dabHer legs aren't chubby at all. And I'm not sure how this is "not classy." Haha, not that big of a deal that her legs are showing. You look great Catelynn! 👌
  • melmwellsIt looks like this Kimberly girl is jealous and needs to get a life. Moving on...I agree, anything old is always made better :-)
  • autumnosaurSo I'm creeping and have to say @kimberlydelcid is some kind of judgmental bitch.
  • stanleyboyzLove old tubs too
  • missesorr@kimberlydelcid ur a bitch. Keep ur thoughts to yourself. Ur tattoos make u look disgusting. How would u feel if EVERYONE told u how they felt? because I bet 90% of people that look at you feel that way. But lucky for you, nice people know how to keep their rude comments to their self. Why don't YOU learn how to do the same. Fucking ugly bitch!
  • julesgonzalesx@kimberlydelcid your eyes look like they were drawn on by a 5 year old." Sorry had to say it"
  • 1_wallflow3rI agree with @julesgonzalesx i would unfollow her if your following her :)
  • alainasersich_& just saying being under the water makes everything look thicker than it really is. . @catelynnmtv is a gorgeous women and she is so strong willed and independent she is such an inspiration to EVERYONE around the world. she is an amazing role model and i would LOVE to meet her one day and just listen to what she has to say. she is an inspiration and nothing less ! <3
  • jazminguzmanLol that Giiiirrrlllllllllllll deleted her account. Bahaha
  • staceymariemottramI couldn't agree with u more,I miss my old claw foot tub too,ise to take some long baths in it, they did it right back in the day...sad no more big deep tubs around :))
  • musclemom_jenniCan I have that tub? :-)
  • crcxii@catelynnmtv you're beautiful :) I'm sure tyler tells you everyday :) ya'll are both lucky too have eachother! & the support system you give eachother, rocks!
  • mamas1615Im so jelly. Wish I had your legs @catelynnmtv
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